Team Culture Assessment Suite

Are Some of Your Teams Underperforming?

Understanding and developing team culture is absolutely necessary to effectively lead, motivate and develop successful teams.

Extended DISC® Team Culture Assessments are designed to assess the team culture and are specific to different types of teams so you can address their specific needs:

  • General Team
  • Sales Team
  • Virtual Team
  • Executive Team
  • Project Team
  • Specialist Team
  • Sports Team
  • Customer Service Team

Team Culture Assessments provide specific information to each team and measure areas such as:

  • Team DISC Culture
  • Team DISC Culture in Your Team
  • Role Each Team Member Naturally Takes
  • Team Member Attributes
  • Team Members’ Communication Styles
  • Behavioral Competences
Extended DISC® Team Culture Assessments can be created from the same, Individual Assessment questionnaire at no additional cost!

Extended DISC® Team Culture Assessments are ideal for:

  • Team Members
  • Team Leader
  • Managers, VPs, Directors, C-Level Leaders, and Business Owners
  • Trainers and Coaches

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