Are you facing challenges in hiring successful Remote Workers?

Employers are faced with new hiring challenges as we transition to virtual workplaces. How can we understand a candidate's performance in a remote work environment?

The Remote Worker Hiring Report provides:

  • Information about candidates' remote work traits
  • Insight on candidates' strengths, challenges, and responses to remote work demands

No previous assessment knowledge is necessary. The assessment is intuitive, concise, and very specific.

This assessment is a must-have for Remote Worker candidates!

The requirements placed on employees in remote work are very different from conventional work environment. While one may succeed in the office, they may struggle working from home. You need information to uncover the difference.

Remote Worker Hiring Report measures and includes:

  • Executive Summary
  • Self-Directiveness
  • Self-Discipline
  • Self-Motivation
  • Communication
  • Role in a Virtual Team Environment
  • Interview questions

Avoid the costly mistakes and headaches.

Results provide information to understand how the candidates will succeed in remote work.

Extended DISC is an award-winning provider of hiring and employee development solutions for 30 years!

Organizational challenges:Extended DISC Reports

  • Frustration with too many bad hires
  • Employees underperforming
  • Uncertainty on how to effectively train employees
  • Dependent upon a few key individuals
  • Frustration with employees’ excuses and performance

If any of these sounds familiar, our candidate and employee assessments can provide a solution.

Thousands of organizations – from small to large – organizations trust us to help them.