Extended DISC® Remote Worker Assessment

Are your employees - or you - facing challenges working remotely?

As organizations transition to virtual workplaces, employers and employees are faced with many new challenges. At the same time the pressure to work efficiently and effectively is even higher. Employees need support in order to be more productive, motivated and engaged. But where can such support be found?

Remote Worker Assessment is specifically designed to create an optimal work environment and processes that best support employee’s strongest behavioral traits to equip them to achieve success.

No previous assessment knowledge is necessary. The assessment is self-guided and beneficial to both employers, employees and their managers.

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This Assessment is a Must-Have for Remote Employees!

The requirements placed on an employee to schedule, organize and manage the work day are different than in a conventional work environment. We do not believe there is one personality type that is more likely to succeed in remote work and another one that has the greatest challenges. It depends, like in a traditional work environment, on how you are able to behave in your work and who you are working with. 

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Organizational Challenges:

  • Frustration with too many bad hires
  • Employees underperforming
  • Uncertainty on how to effectively train employees
  • Dependent upon a few key individuals
  • Frustration with employees’ excuses and performance

If any of these sounds familiar, our candidate and employee assessments can provide a solution.

Thousands of organizations – from small to large – organizations trust us to help them. 


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