Assessments for Financial Services Industry

Hundreds of banks and credit unions use Extended DISC® assessments to help achieve their goals.

Extended DISC® has 30 years of experience in providing assessments for financial services organizations that are specifically designed for roles such as:

  • Business Developers
  • Tellers
  • Personal Bankers
  • Member Relationship Officers
  • Member Relationship Representatives
  • Financial Advisors
  • Managers
  • Leaders
  • Teams

Many clients have expressed that they require unique assessments for their financial service environment and the challenges in which they face. The assessment results need to relevant to their employees. General, off-the-shelf assessments are not enough.

Contact us today to find out if Extended DISC® assessments may be a fit for your bank or credit union.

Extended DISC® is an Award-winning provider of hiring & employee development solutions for 30 years!

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