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  • Frustrated with too many bad hires?
  • Baffled that some employees simply can't perform?
  • Uncertain how to effectively train your employees?
  • Afraid of being too dependent on a few key individuals?
  • Frustrated with some of your employees’ excuses and performance?

If any of these sounds familiar, our candidate and employee assessments can provide a solution.

Thousands of organizations – from small to large – trust us to help them. 



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Why use Extended DISC®?

We provide information to help make better decisions.  Doctors do not make decisions without diagnosing the real causes of problems – it is malpractice.  You deserve to have access to data to make informed decisions and take smart actions to achieve your goals.  Our candidate, employee, team and organization assessments provide scientifically validated information to make confident and better decisions.

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After completing the questionnaire your DISC Demo assessment report will be emailed to you. The DISC report will be the free, very abbreviated, version of Extended DISC.

Extended DISC offers many different style reports such as Leadership, Sales, Candidate, Team, plus many more.


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